Crematorium – old, but still brilliant

Two Lenasian cousins, Ravi and Pravesh, are walking down the street one day.
They happen to come upon a crematorium.
Ravi promptly asks Pravesh, "Hey cousin, what’s this crematorium thing?"

Pravesh: "Hey no man, how must I know?"

Ravi: "Well run in there and check it out!"

Pravesh runs in, a couple minutes later he exits the crematorium severely beaten, covered in his own blood.

Ravi (quite shocked, asks): "And now Pravesh, what happened to you man?"

Pravesh: "No man, I go inside, right!"

Ravi: "Right?"

Pravesh: "I see all these sad people standing around, right?"

Ravi: "Right?"

Pravesh: "So I ask them, ‘Hey what’s cooking?’

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