Hello world!

Seeing that there were comments on this post before I even had chance to delete it, now I’ll just have to edit it.

As the tagline says, I’m a serial head shaver, meaning that I choose to not have hair.  I’m also a cyclist, technologist and problem solver.  I have a wide variety of interests, and will use this site mainly to link back to the interesting things I find out in the world.  I may even review a few products if I receive them with no strings attached.  It will be an honest review, so don’t send the product if you want a nice review and you’re not that confident of the product.

I’m based in South Africa, pretty close to the highest point in Joburg, which makes for awesome cycling.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

    1. Yes I am seriously a kaalkop, by nature, and helped on by choice. And I have been since around 1995. So now you can send me one of your products to review…

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