We need proof of ID




The President of ANCYL Julius Malema walks into an FNB bank  and asks to cash a cheque for R2000..
  Teller: “No problem Sir. Could you please show me your  ID.”?

 Malema: “Well, I didn’t bring my ID with me  as I didn’t think there was any need.  
                 After all, I am the President of the ANC Youth League”

  Teller: “Yes, I know who you are, but with all the regulations,   I must insist on seeing ID.”

 Malema: “Just ask  anyone here who I am and they will tell you. They all know who I  am.”

 Teller: “I am sorry, but these are the bank  rules and I must follow them.”

 Malema: “Is there  some other way around this?”

 Teller: “Look, here’s  what we can do: a while ago now, Casta Semenia walked into the bank  
               without ID. To prove she was Casta she ran around the block in under 8 seconds

                Another time, Francois Pienaar came in without ID. He yanked out his rugby ball and
               kicked it just under 300m right into Nedbank’s yard. After that spectacular
               kick we cashed his cheque.

                 So, what can you do to prove to me that you are really who you say you are?”

              Malema stands, deep in thought for what seems like minutes then  finally says:

             “My mind’s a complete blank. Honestly, I can’t think of a  single  thing”

 Teller: “Would fifties be OK, sir?”




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